You Said… We did…

From your comments and suggestions we have:

March 2024

You Said: Our phone lines are still too busy

We Did: We are in the process of having a new telephone system installed. This will make it easier to get through to us and you will not have to wait in a call queue, you will be placed in a call back list and we will call you.

You said: Our waiting room needs to be set out differently.

We Did: We are in the process of rearranging our waiting area to improve the layout, we will be getting a new TV system which will include health promotion and information and also inform you when the clinician is ready to see you.

You Said: The NHS App needs more promotion

We Did: Our PPG are going to spend some time in the waiting area helping patients with the App. We are also displaying information about the App and what you can do with it.

August 2023

You Said: You would like to know which Doctors and Nurses worked which days of the week

We Did: We have added this to our website and we have also added posters to our waiting areas

You Said: You wanted more information regarding self-referrals

We Did: We have added 2 extra notice boards to our main waiting area, our PPG are going to populate this board with lots of patient information including self-referral contact details. We are also working on a section on our website to promote self-referral.

March 2022

You Said: You wanted more Face to Face appointments:

We Did: We have started to introduce more bookable face to face appointments to enable reception to book you directly in with the doctor

You Said: You would like your Covid Vaccinations here at Leen View Surgery

We Did: We successfully applied and became a Designated Covid Vaccination Site and now run Covid Vaccination Clinics every Monday/Weds/Fri – please ask reception for more details

You Said: You wanted more Nurse appointments

We Did: We have employed another nurse to try and clear the backlog and provide additional appointments for our patients

If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop into our suggestion box at reception

June 2021

You said… the phones are too busy

We did… We are taking steps to reduce the number of calls coming into the surgery by asking that you do not request prescriptions over the phone. By calling the surgery for prescriptions it causes a huge influx of calls meaning that patients trying to get through for more serious issues are left waiting. Please sign up for online services where possible to order your prescriptions in a safe and confidential way.

September 2020  

From feedback received we have decided to use ZOOM to enable our PPG to meet. ZOOM is a virtual platform accessed through the internet. This is a safe way for our PPG to continue its work to improve the practice.

September 2019

From the suggestions we have received we have tried to improve:
The telephone system

  • We have compiled a report which shows what problems are encountered by patients and staff, we are trying to ensure our patients can get through to us in a timely manner – this report is to be sent to our telephone system providers as we have been informed and experienced patients being “cut off” when trying to contact us
  • We have increased the number of staff answering the telephones at busy periods
  • Please be assured that we are listening to your feedback and we are constantly trying to improve access
  • Communicating Waiting Times for the GPs and Nurses
  • The receptionist will inform you if the Doctor or Nurse is running more than 15 minutes late
  • If you think you are waiting for increased length of time for your appointment please ask the receptionist for an update

We welcome your suggestions…
You can post your suggestion & feedback in the suggestion box at reception

June 2019

You asked to be contacted by telephone instead of by post. We have started to ring people to book appointments, this helping to free up our telephone lines as well as saving on paper & postage.

You asked if blood test appointments could be booked online, these are now available to book through Patient Access and the new NHS App – please ask at reception for more details.

April 2019

Changed the way we have asked our patients to contact us for reviews, we are contacting them by telephone rather than sending letters asking them to contact us, this will reduce the amount of calls coming into the surgery therefore reducing the time you are waiting in the telephone queue.

January 2019

  • Increased the amount of people answering the telephones at the busiest time of day
  • Increased the amount of telephone consultations available
  • Amended the clock in the waiting room
  • If you have any further suggestions or comments please let us know!