Training Practice

We are delighted to inform you that the surgery is now an approved training practice for the training of General Practice Registrars (GPRs).

Being an approved practice means that:

  • patients can directly contribute to the training of future GPs
  • patients who consult with the GPR may have longer consultations
  • it keeps all doctors and nurses in touch with new medical developments and skills
  • it improves all doctors and nurses consultation and training skills
  • it ensures that clinical standards and standards of medical record keeping are maintained

GPRs are doctors in training are qualified doctors who have already worked in hospitals as junior doctors for at least 3 years and have now decided that they would like to specialise in General Practice.

An essential component of training in a medical practice is the use of video and consultations with both the GPR and the trainer present. We hope that all our patients will be willing to take part in these educational consultations to help us all in improving and maintaining our medical and consultation skills. All video recordings are strictly confidential and are used for teaching only. We will not video without your consent. Please inform reception if you would prefer not to participate.