Patients and the Public – Your Responsibilities

The NHS belongs to all of us. There are things that we can all do for ourselves and for one another to help it work effectively, and to ensure resources are used responsibly.

  • Please recognise that you can make a significant contribution to your own, and your family’s, good health and wellbeing, and take personal responsibility for it.
  • Please register with a GP practice, the main point of access to NHS care as commissioned by NHS bodies.
  • Please treat NHS staff and other patients with respect and recognise that violence, or the causing of nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises, could result in prosecution. You should recognise that abusive and violent behaviour could result in you being refused access to NHS services.
  • Please provide accurate information about your health, condition and status.
  • Please keep appointments, or cancel within reasonable time. Receiving treatment within the maximum waiting times may be compromised unless you do.
  • Please follow the course of treatment which you have agreed, and talk to your clinician if you find this difficult.
  • Please participate in important public health programmes such as vaccination.
  • Please ensure that those closest to you are aware of your wishes about organ donation.
  • Please give feedback – both positive and negative – about your experiences and the treatment and care you have received, including any adverse reactions you may have had. You can often provide feedback anonymously and giving feedback will not affect adversely your care or how you are treated. If a family member or someone you are a carer for is a patient and unable to provide feedback, you are encouraged to give feedback about their experiences on their behalf. Feedback will help to improve NHS services for all.

NHS Staff – Our Responsibilities

All staff have responsibilities to the public, their patients and colleagues.

Important legal duties are summarised below.

  • They have a duty to accept professional accountability and maintain the standards of professional practice as set by the appropriate regulatory body applicable to their profession or role.
  • They have a duty to take reasonable care of health and safety at work for them, their team and others, and to co-operate with employers to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • They have a duty to act in accordance with the express and implied terms of their contract of employment.
  • They have a duty not to discriminate against patients or staff and to adhere to equal opportunities and equality and human rights legislation.
  • They have a duty to protect the confidentiality of personal information that they hold.
  • They have a duty to be honest and truthful in applying for a job and in carrying out that job.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Our staff come to work to care for others, not to become victims of violence, threatening behaviour, physical, verbal, racial abuse or discrimination.

If you are violent or abusive in any way towards our staff, we have the right to refuse to treat you.
Any patient or visitor who treats any member of staff in this way will be removed from the premises and will be reported to the police, and may face prosecution.

It is unacceptable for patients to refuse treatment, care or services from a particular member of staff if the refusal is based on racially discriminating grounds.

Should you refuse services on discriminatory grounds then it may be considered that you are refusing treatment altogether.

Change of Address

If you change your telephone number, your address or any other contact information please let the practice know immediately. Remember we may need to contact you urgently. If you are receiving treatment by any of the secondary care services (such as the hospitals), please inform them of any changes also.

Named Accountable GP

In accordance with our General Medical Services contract, all patients who are on the practice list prior to 1st April 2015 will be given a named accountable GP by 30th June 2015.

This practice is using your registered GP as your accountable GP.  This means that the GP’s name on your medical card sent to you when you registered with the practice is your named GP.

This does not affect you on a day to day basis as you will be able to see any GP at the practice just as before.  Newly registered patients accountable GP is again the GP with which they have been registered.

If for any reason you wish to know who your accountable GP is you can ask the reception staff to tell you who you were registered with at the practice.

Before April 2015 if you were 75 and over you will have already been allocated a GP and are entitled to an Over 75 health check.

Who Has Access to Patient Information

We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can provide the best possible care. We have a fully computerised medical record system which means information about your healthcare is held on a secure server. You have the right to know what information we hold about you. Please ask the receptionist if you wish to see or obtain a copy of your record. If you are referred to a hospital specialist you are also welcome to request a copy of the referral letter. NHS Connecting for Health is currently developing the National Care Records Service, which will create a Summary Care Record (SCR) for each individual patient, to be held centrally. At this pilot stage the record is limited to current medication, known allergies and adverse reactions. Eventually the aim is to enable healthcare staff jointly involved in your care, such as your GP and your hospital consultant, to easily access and share information through this national record.You have the right to withdraw your consent to information being shared. Please ask Reception for an SCR Opt Out form or download one here.

What to Do When the Surgery is Closed

Urgent Medical Attention

If you need urgent medical attention call the surgery number 0115 9771181 and your call will be put through to the Emergency Out of Hours Service.

If your condition is a life threatening emergency such as:

  • choking/struggling to breathe
  • a heart attack/chest pain
  • collapse/weakness of limb(s)

Please call 999 before calling the surgery, these conditions need life saving treatment from emergency services.  Calling us first is going to delay your treatment.

Walk-In Centre

This is a walk-in service, open between 7am and 9pm, 365 days a year, with no appointment needed.

You can call 0115 883 8500 for directions, current waiting times or to make an appointment for appointment based services, however the centre focuses on helping patients face-to-face and healthcare advice cannot be given out over the telephone.

The centre offers assessment and treatment for health conditions such as:

  • Minor burns or scalds
  • Minor head injury with no loss of consciousness
  • Skin infections or animal bites
  • Suspected broken bones, sprains and strains (X-ray service available)
  • Eye infections or minor eye injuries

The centre is not appropriate for:

  • Non-urgent treatment that could be treated by your GP
  • Routine services such as blood tests or wound dressing / suture removal

Please click here for more information and location of the walk in centre.

Pharmacy First

Your local pharmacy can provide free health advice and medicines (If you are exempt from prescription charges) for the following ailments:

  • head lice
  • fever/temperature
  • sore throat
  • teething pain or toothache
  • earache
  • athlete’s foot
  • diarrhoea
  • thread worms
  • vaginal thrush
  • conjunctivitis
  • constipation
  • insect bites/stings
  • warts and verrucas

Dental Emergencies

Dental problems should be treated by dentists, not by doctors. Patients needing urgent NHS dentistry out of normal working hours in Nottingham should call NHS 111 at any time.

An emergency dental service is available most days of the week at the Nottingham NHS Walk-in Centre on London Road. Dentists can prescribe any antibiotics and painkillers that you may require. People not registered with a dentist or just visiting locally can consult any dentist for advice. If you have difficulty finding a dentist please ring the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Area Team Area Team on 0300 300 1234. If you or your child has a tooth knocked out, carefully pick up the tooth but do not attempt to wash or clean it. Put it straight into a little cold milk and take it with the patient to the dentist.

Patient Participation Group

Please click here to go to our dedicated PPG page.

Baby Changing and Feeding Facilities

There are baby changing facilities within our waiting area, please ask at our reception desk and they will direct you to them.  There is a parent and baby room located downstairs within Bulwell Riverside, please ask at the Ask Here desk for access to it.


Carers are people who look after family, partners or friends who are ill, frail, have a disability or a mental health problem. They may be caring for another adult or be a parent of a disabled child. The care they provide is unpaid.

If someone relies on you for support on a regular basis, or is intending to rely on you, then you can access a range of services to support you in your role as a carer. Contact Nottingham Health and Care Point on 0300 300 3333 if you would like an assessment of your needs. Depending on the outcome of your assessment services may be provided or arranged for the person you care for, with their consent, to help you in your caring role.

Please click here for more information on services available locally.

Suggestions and Complaints

The practice has a system for dealing with your complaints. If you have a complaint about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working in the practice, please let us know.

You can:

  • Contacting the surgery and asking to speak to the practice manager : Mrs Debra Juett
  • Write a letter addressed to Mrs Debra Juett and post to the surgery
  • Request a leaflet about our practice complaints procedure from reception which includes details of time frames for our responses
  • Or you may also contact the NHS England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 22 33 or email [email protected]

If you need any other advice or have further concerns there is also a Patient Advice and Liaison Service at Nottingham Queens Medical Centre or Nottingham City Hospital. You can contact them on 0800 1830204 or by email : [email protected]