Health Screening

We believe that the prevention of disease is just as important as treating it and there are ways in which you can help:

Cervical Smears

For women ages between 25 and 65 every three years. If you have any questions about this ask the practice nurse, receptionist or doctor. We offer cervical smears by appointment with the practice nurse. Many of you do come regularly but there are many who do not, despite our reminders. This only takes a few minutes in the surgery and is usually painless.

Rubella (German Measles)

Screening for those women not previously vaccinated, before their first intended pregnancy.

Regular blood pressure and urine checks

For those over 40. Water specimen bottles are available from reception.

Cholesterol blood testing


For women over 50.

Please see the Doctor if you notice any lump in your breast. Most lumps are harmless and of little consequence, but it is important to exclude anything serious as early as possible.

Elderly Person Screening

All patients over the age of 75 are offered a screening examination carried out by our practice nurse. It will always be useful to have a sample of urine available.