National Patient Survey

The National Patient Survey was published and Leen View Surgery have developed an action plan to improve where required.

The link below will take you to the survey page:

GP Patient Survey (

Below is our response:

Action Plan from National GP Survey 2021

Results from 2021 Survey

401 surveys sent out

120 surveys sent back

25% completion rate

Overall % of patients who had a good experience was 81%, this is a good improvement since 2019 which was 75%. Although still below CCG and national average this is an improvement for Leen View Surgery

See attached report for detailed results

What we did well:

Above or equal to national or CCG average:-

94% of patients found our receptionists helpful this was above the national average and a huge improvement on 2019 results. We will always strive to improve by listening to our patients and undertaking training where needed. (CCG average 90%)

92% of patients said that the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at listening (CCG average 89%)

97% of patients were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment during their last appointment (CCG average 94%)

95% of patients felt their needs were met during their last appointment (CCG average 94%)

91% of patients who said the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at treating then with care and concern during their last general practice appointment (CCG average 89%)

What we nearly did well:-

66% of patients were satisfied with the general practice appointment times (CCG average 67%)

65% of patients who were offered a choice of appointment when they last tried to make a general practice appointment (CCG average 69%)

97% took the first appointment they were offered (CCG average 98%)

What we need to Improve:-

41% of patients find it easy to get through to this GP practice by phone – although still below average of 72% it is an improvement from 2019 which was 30%. We are trying to encourage those patients who have internet access to use this rather than try to ring. We are also restarting our campaign to stop pharmacies ordering medication. During Covid we allowed patients to request medication over the phone. This is now been stopped so may free the phone lines up again. We are also hoping to, at some point allow patients to book appointments online. This would need careful thought and organisation to ensure the safety of staff and patients and also to protect available appointments from inappropriate booking.

36% of patients usually get to see or speak to their preferred GP when they would like to. This is below the average of 45%. Our 3 salaried GPs work part-time so this may impact on this result. We aim to book patients in with their preferred GP for continuity of care but it is not always possible due to the preferred GP not being in surgery when the patient requires the appointment. We will continue to try our best to satisfy patients.

72% of patients were given a time for their last general practice. This is below average of 91% but do not necessarily see this as a negative result as if the patient asks for a specific time we do try to accommodate but we do tell the patient that the call will be either at some point in the morning or the afternoon.

Overall the survey does show improvement on most questions but we are always willing to improve and listen to patients when things are not quite right. This report will be included for discussion with  the Patient Participation Group and shared on our website.